Difluoxacin Hydrochloride

CAS: 91296-86-5
Appearance: White or almost white powder
Standard: in-house
Application: Animal Antibacterial
Brand: YIHUI
Packing: 25kg
Supply Ability: 50000kg per month
Shelf Life: Two years
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Product Introduction

What is Difluoxacin Hydrochloride?

Difluoxacin Hydrochloride is a broad-spectrum fluoroquinolone antibiotic that is used in veterinary medicine to treat bacterial infections in animals. It is particularly effective against a wide range of gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria, making it useful in the treatment of respiratory, urinary tract, and skin infections in animals.

Difloxacin Hcl works by inhibiting the bacterial DNA gyrase enzyme, which is essential for DNA replication and repair in bacteria. This disrupts the bacterial cell's ability to proliferate and leads to the eventual death of the bacteria.

Basic Information

Product Name: Difluoxacin hydrochloride

CAS: 91296-86-5




MDL No.:MFCD03840489

Purity: 99%

Package: 25Kg/Drum

Used: pharma grade & Lab research

Stability: Stable

Structural formula:


Specifications and Parameters

AppearanceWhite to off-white powder
SolubilitySoluble in water, sparingly soluble in ethanol
Melting Point218-222°C
Purity≥ 98% (HPLC)
Storage ConditionsStore in a cool, dry place

Chemical Composition

Difluoxacin Hydrochloride's chemical composition is presented in the table below:

ComponentPercentage Composition
C21H17F2N3O3 · HCl100%

Quality Standards

Item quality guidelines for it, similar to some other drugs, are vital to guarantee its security, viability, and consistency. Here are a few vital parts of the item quality principles for it:

Purity: The product ought to meet severe immaculateness models to guarantee that it contains a high level of the dynamic drug fixing (Programming interface) and insignificant debasements. As far as possible for debasements, like related substances, leftover solvents, and weighty metals, are characterized in pharmacopeial monographs or explicit administrative rules.

Identification: The personality of the product should be laid out utilizing suitable logical techniques, like infrared spectroscopy, atomic attractive reverberation (NMR), or fluid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC-MS). These tests demonstrate that the sample is indeed the product and matches the reference standard.

Assay: The measured test decides the centralization of the Programming interface in the product item. It guarantees that the medication contains the predetermined measure of it inside OK cutoff points, regularly communicated as a level of the marked sum.

Dissolution: The disintegration test estimates the rate at which the product tablets or containers break down in a predetermined medium. This test evaluates the medication's capacity to deliver the Programming interface actually and guarantees steady and unsurprising medication retention in the body.

Microbiological Tests: Items containing it ought to follow microbiological principles to guarantee their security and the nonappearance of unsafe microorganisms. These tests incorporate surveying all out practical count, testing for determined microorganisms, and directing endotoxin testing.

Stability: Solidness studies are directed to assess the period of usability and capacity states of it. These examinations evaluate the medication's physical, synthetic, and microbiological properties over the long run to guarantee that it stays successful and protected inside its assigned timeframe of realistic usability.

Application Fields in Various Industries

Difloxacin Hcl, as an anti-microbial medication, has different applications in various ventures. The following are some of the most important fields in which it is utilized:

Drug Industry: The product is principally utilized in the drug business for the definition of veterinary meds. It is generally utilized in the development of oral tablets, cases, or injectable answers for the treatment of bacterial contaminations in creatures, especially in poultry, domesticated animals, and buddy creatures.

Veterinary Medication: The product assumes a pivotal part in veterinary medication, explicitly in the treatment of respiratory, urinary lot, and gastrointestinal contaminations in creatures brought about by helpless microscopic organisms. It is compelling against a scope of gram-negative and gram-positive microbes, including Escherichia coli, Salmonella spp., Pasteurella spp., what's more, Staphylococcus spp.

Animal Cultivating: The product is utilized in animal cultivating to keep up with creature well-being and forestall the spread of bacterial illnesses. It assists control and treat bacterial contaminations that with canning influence the efficiency and government assistance of creatures. By guaranteeing the strength of animals and poultry, it adds to the development of protected and top-notch creature-determined food items.

Veterinary Centers: The product is used in hospitals and veterinary clinics to treat animal infections caused by bacteria. Veterinarians might recommend Difluoxacin Hydrochloride-based prescriptions to treat many bacterial contaminations, like respiratory diseases, skin diseases, and urinary parcel diseases in pets and domesticated animals.

Development and Research: It is likewise used in innovative work exercises connected with the investigation of antimicrobial opposition, pharmacokinetics, and pharmacodynamics. Researchers might utilize the product as a source of perspective compound or test it in different trial models to acquire bits of knowledge into its viability, wellbeing, and possible applications.

These are a portion of the application fields where Difloxacin Hcl tracks down use. Its adequacy against bacterial contaminations makes it a significant apparatus in veterinary medication and adds to creature wellbeing, government assistance, and the development of safe food items.

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