Fipronil Powder

CAS: 120068-37-3
Appearance: White to Light yellow powder
Standard: 99%TC, 98%TC, 97% TC, 96%TC
Application:Pesticide & Insecticides
Brand: YIHUI
Packing: 25kg
Supply Ability: 5000kg per month
Shelf Life: Two years
Payment: T/T, LC or DA
Sample: available
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Origin: China
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Certifications: ISO9001, ISO22000, HACCP, HALAL, KOSHER
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Product Introduction

What is Fipronil Powder?

Fipronil may be a bug spray that has a place in the phenylpyrazole chemical course. It is commonly utilized in horticulture, veterinary medication, and family bother control to target an assortment of bugs such as ants, termites, cockroaches, insects, ticks, and beetles.

Fipronil powder may be a of fipronil that can be blended with water or other carriers to make arrangements or showers for bother control applications. It works by disturbing the central anxious framework of creepy crawlies, driving to hyper excitation of the nerves and possible loss of motion and passing.

Basic Information

Product Name: Fipronil

CAS: 120068-37-3




MDL No.:MFCD00867812

Purity: 99%TC, 98%TC, 97% TC, 96%TC

Package: 25Kg/Drum

Used: pharma grade & Lab research

Stability: Stable

Structural formula:


Specifications and Parameters:

Items for Detecting

The Standard Result

The Detecting Result


Light yellow to Offwhite powder

Light yellow powder




Loss on drying(w/w,%)






Indissolving In In Acetone




It accords with the specification.

Chemical Composition:

The chemical composition of Fipronil 97% is a key factor in its effectiveness against pests. Comprising carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, and sulfur elements, Fipronil disrupts the central nervous system of insects, ensuring targeted and efficient pest control.

Role and Function:

Fipronil 98% is a generally utilized pesticide that has a place with the phenylpyrazole compound family. It is well-known for its efficiency in eliminating a wide variety of insects, mites, and ticks. Fipronil acts by focusing on the focal sensory system of these nuisances, upsetting their ordinary working and eventually prompting their passing. We should investigate the job and elements of it in more detail.

Synthesis Process:

The blend of it includes a fastidious cycle to ensure its virtue and viability. Beginning with antecedents, the blend advances through numerous phases of response, cleansing, and crystallization. To guarantee that each batch meets the highest standards, Yihui employs cutting-edge technology and adheres to stringent quality control procedures.

Quality Standards:

Yihui's commitment to quality is reflected in the stringent standards applied to Fipronil Powder. Our production adheres to ISO, Kosher, Halal, and GMP certifications, attesting to the product's compliance with international quality benchmarks. Rigorous testing at every stage of production guarantees purity, stability, and safety.

Application Fields in Various Industries:

Fipronil 98% finds versatile applications across industries, underscoring its significance in pest management:

  1. Agriculture: Fipronil protects crops from a myriad of pests, enhancing yields and ensuring food security.

  2. Veterinary Care: In the form of pet-friendly formulations, Fipronil safeguards animals from fleas and ticks, promoting animal well-being.

  3. Public Health: Insecticide Fipronil is instrumental in controlling disease vectors, contributing to public health initiatives globally.

  4. Wood Preservation: Fipronil serves as an effective wood preservative, preventing termite infestations and ensuring the longevity of wooden structures.

Final Highlight:

Yihui, as a renowned Fipronil Powder manufacturer, ensures product quality through adherence to international standards. Our ISO, Kosher, Halal certifications testify to our commitment. For inquiries and purchases, contact us at

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