Diethyltoluamide Powder

CAS: 134-62-3
Appearance: Clearn Liquid
Standard: 99%
Application: Mosquito Repellent
Brand: YIHUI
Packing: 200kg
Supply Ability: 50000kg per month
Shelf Life: Two years
Payment: T/T, LC or DA
Sample: available
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Origin: China
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Product Introduction

What is Diethyltoluamide Powder?

Diethyltoluamide powder, normally known as DEET, is a generally utilized bug repellent. It is accessible in different plans, including powders, moisturizers, showers, and creams. A wide range of insects, including ticks, fleas, chiggers, and biting flies, can be effectively avoided with DEET. 

Basic Information

Product Name: N,N-Diethyl-3-methylbenzamide / DEET

CAS: 134-62-3




MDL No.:MFCD00009046

Purity: 99%

Package: 200Kg/Drum

Used: pharma grade & Lab research

Stability: Stable

Structural formula:


Specifications and Parameters



Specific gravity

Refractive index






Achromatic to light yellow liquid


at25℃ 0.994-0.999




mgKOH/g 0.2max


100 max


Achromatic liquid








Chemical Composition

Understanding the foundation of our product is crucial. Here's a breakdown of the chemical composition of 99% DEET:

CompoundPercentage Composition
Inert Ingredients2%

Role and Function

Diethyltoluamide Powder is a generally utilized bug repellent that is viable against a wide assortment of bugs, including mosquitoes, ticks, insects, and chiggers. DEET powder is a flexible fixing that can be utilized in different plans, including spray showers, creams, moisturizers, and tidying powders. The following are the functions and roles of DEET powder:

Repellency: One of the most effective insect repellents on the market is DEET powder, which is highly effective at repelling insects. It works by upsetting the tangible receptors of bugs, making it challenging for them to find and chomp people.

Dependable Security: It gives durable security against a large number of bugs, frequently going on for a few hours after application. Because of this, it's ideal for fishing, hiking, and camping in the great outdoors.

Versatility: It can be utilized in different details, making it a flexible fixing in numerous bug repellent items. It can be added to lotions, creams, and sprays to give people a variety of ways to protect themselves from insect bites.

Safety: It is viewed as safe for human use when utilized as coordinated. It has been widely tried for its dermatological and toxicological profiles, and administrative specialists have laid out rules for its protected use in buyer items.

Convenience: It is not difficult to apply and can be utilized on both skin and apparel. This pursues it a helpful decision for individuals who need to safeguard themselves from bug chomps while participated in open air exercises.

Cost-Effective: It is generally economical and can give dependable insurance against bug nibbles. Because of this, it is an affordable option for people who spend a lot of time outside and need effective insect protection.

Effect on the Environment: It has low intense harmfulness to non-target creatures when utilized as coordinated. Notwithstanding, it is critical to go to lengths to forestall defilement of water sources and biological systems, especially in regions where DEET-containing items are utilized broadly.

In rundown, the job and capability of DEET powder are to give viable and enduring security against bug chomps, to offer flexibility in detailing, and to be a savvy and helpful decision for open air exercises. Shoppers can utilize DEET powder securely to shield themselves from bug nibbles while limiting their ecological effect.

Synthesis Process

The synthesis process for Diethyltoluamide (DEET) powder involves a series of chemical reactions that convert toluene into the final product. The process can be divided into several steps:

Nitration: Toluene is first nitrated using a mixture of concentrated nitric acid and sulfuric acid. This reaction produces a mixture of ortho, meta, and para-nitrotoluene.

Reduction: The nitrotoluene mixture is then reduced using a metal catalyst such as palladium on carbon and hydrogen gas. This step results in a mixture of diethyltoluene isomers.

Acylation: The diethyltoluene mixture is then acylated using acetyl chloride or acetic anhydride in the presence of a catalyst, such as aluminum chloride. This step results in the formation of DEET.

Purification: The DEET is then purified through a series of distillation and recrystallization steps to obtain pure DEET powder.

Overall, the synthesis process for DEET powder involves several complex chemical reactions that require specialized equipment and safety precautions. The process must be carefully controlled to ensure the purity and safety of the final product.

Application Fields

Diethyltoluamide (DEET) powder is generally utilized in different application fields because of its powerful bug repellent properties. The following are some important fields in which DEET powder can be useful:

Personal Treatments for Insects: It is a typical dynamic fixing in private bug repellent items, for example, spray showers, creams, moisturizers, and roll-ons. These items are applied topically to the skin to give insurance against mosquitoes, ticks, bugs, and other gnawing bugs.

Outside Exercises: It is especially famous among people participating in open air exercises like setting up camp, climbing, fishing, and planting. It offers dependable assurance against bug nibbles in conditions where openness to bugs is high.

Military and Safeguard: It is widely utilized by military staff and guard powers working in regions with high bug populaces. It safeguards troopers from bug borne infections and inconvenience during field activities.

Sector of Agriculture: It is utilized in the horticultural area to shield ranchers and laborers from bug nibbles while working in fields or nurseries. It helps lower the risk of diseases spread by insects and boosts productivity at work.

Veterinary Applications: It can be integrated into items for creatures to safeguard them from bug chomps and pervasions. It forestalls bug and tick pervasions on pets and animals.

DEET powder's flexibility, viability, and dependable security make it a significant device in different application fields where bug repellency is critical. It assists people and laborers with remaining shielded from bug chomps, diminishing the gamble of sicknesses and giving a more agreeable involvement with open air and high-risk conditions.

Yihui's Commitment

Yihui proudly stands as a professional manufacturer and supplier of N, N-Diethyl-m-toluamide. Our commitment to quality, coupled with adherence to international standards, ensures that you receive a product of unparalleled excellence. For bespoke solutions, we offer OEM services, tailoring our diethyltoluamide powder to meet your specific requirements.

In conclusion, if you're seeking a reliable, high-quality it for your formulations, look no further. Contact Yihui at to discuss your needs and experience the epitome of insect repellent excellence.

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