Acamprosate Calcium API

Product name: Acamprosate Calcium
CAS No.: 50-76-0
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Assay: 99%
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Product Introduction

What is Acamprosate calcium API?

Acamprosate calcium API is a Active Pharmaceutical constituents used to treat alcohol dependence. It's a white crystalline powder. It dissolves readily in water and has a high solubility in thatmedium.Calcium acetylaminopropane-1-sulfonate is the emulsion's chemical name. The chemical structure is C5H10CaN2O4S. Alcohol dependence has been successfully treated with it, particularly during the conservation phase following sobriety. It successfully assists cases in reducing their alcohol appetite and avoiding relapse. Its precise mode of action isn't entirely understood. By controlling the balance of neurotransmitters, it may enhance the harmony between excitement and inhibition, thereby lowering the desire for alcohol. it generally has moderate adverse goods, similar as nausea, stomach discomfort, and diarrhea. still, colorful populations may witness different side goods. Despite the fact that it has been extensively used in clinical practice, exploration is presently being done to more understand its mode of action and look into further effective treatment options.

Basic Information

Product name: Acamprosate calcium

Other name: 3-(Acetylamino)-1-propane sulfonic Acid Calcium Salt, Calcium Acetylhomotaurine


MF: C10H20CaN2O8S2



MDL No.:MFCD00886588

Melting point:>300℃

storage temp. 2-8℃

Stability: Stable

Structural formula:


Quality standard





White Crystalline powder



Freely soluble in water and

practically insoluble in

alcohol and in methylene




Conforms to standard



5.5 to 7.0 fo solution S


Assay (HPLC)



Impurity A

NMT the area of

corresponding peak in the

chromatogram obtained with

the reference solution (0.05%)


Loss on drying




Conform with the EP standard

Biological activity

The main natural exertion of Acamprosate calcium API is reflected in its remedial goods on alcohol dependence. Then's some information on the natural exertion of it

  1. Reduced alcohol craving: In people with alcohol dependence, it significantly lessens and prevents violent alcohol jones . It reduces alcohol jones by impacting the neurotransmitter system in the brain to restore a balance between excitation and inhibition.

  2. Aid in maintaining abstinence:It functions by impacting the neurotransmitter system in the brain to balance excitation and inhibition formerly again, thereby lessening alcohol jones .

  3. Improvement of psychological symptoms: Some people may witness anxiety, depression, and other cerebral symptoms when they go through alcohol pullout. Certain antidepressant andanti-anxiety conduct of it may help to palliate these cerebral problems.

It's significant to punctuate that the precise medium of action of it isn't completely understood, and that individual differences, lozenge, and treatment duration may affect the medicine's natural exertion. For further thorough and accurate information, it's advised to speak with a croaker or other healthcare provider.

Function & Application

It is mainly used to treat alcohol dependence and has the following main functions:

  1. Reduce craving for alcohol: By influencing the brain's neurotransmitter system, it lessens and suppresses alcoholic cravings in people who are dependent on alcohol. In addition to helping patients maintain sobriety, this lowers the likelihood of relapse.

  2. Maintain abstinence: After quitting drinking, it is frequently taken in the maintenance phase.It can prop cases in lowering their alcohol jones at this point and boosting their chances of success with abstinence.

  3. Improve psychological symptoms during alcohol cessation: During the alcohol pullout process, some cases may develop cerebral symptoms including anxiety, depression, or others. Theanti-anxiety and anti-depressive goods of it may help to palliate these symptoms.

  4. Long-term abstinence maintenance: its usage can assist patients retain their abstinence-related motivation and alcohol aversion while lowering their chance of relapse.

It should be highlighted that It can only be utilized as a component of an all-encompassing treatment strategy that also includes counseling, behavioral therapy, and other forms of therapy. You should speak with a physician or other qualified medical personnel before using it for particular usage advice and safety measures.

Stability and storage

The storage conditions for Acamprosate Calcium are as follows:

  1. Temperature: It should be stored in a dry, cool place with temperatures between 15-30°C, avoiding direct sunlight and high temperatures.

  2. Humidity: It should be kept away from humid environments to prevent moisture absorption that could affect the quality of the medication.

  3. Packaging: The medication should be kept in its original packaging, ensuring it remains intact and protected from damage or contamination.

  4. Expiration Date: The medication should be stored according to the expiration date indicated on the label. Expired medication should be properly disposed of.

Please note that it is not recommended to store it in extreme environments such as refrigerators or freezers in order to ensure its safety and effectiveness.

Packing & Shipping

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