Melanotan-II powder

CAS No: 121062-08-6
Appearance: White or almost white fluffy powder
Standard: Enterprise Standard
Supply Ability:50kg per month
Shelf Life: Two years
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Origin: China
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Product Introduction

We supply Melanotan-II

We're proud to offer Melanotan-II powder, a peptide that can promote melanin product and affect in a beautiful, bronzed tan. Whether you are looking to prepare for a special occasion or just want to enhance your natural skin tone, MTII is a safe and effective result. Our product is precisely manufactured to insure newness and chastity, and we're committed to furnishing a superior client experience. With our high- quality Melanotan 2 , you can achieve the bronzed, healthy- looking skin you've always conceited of. Order yours moment and experience the transformative benefits of Melanotan II for yourself.


What's Melanotan-II ?

Melanotan-II  is a largely effective tanning agent that's designed to darken the skin without the need for exposure to the sun. This greasepaint contains a synthetic interpretation of the hormone melanocortin that binds to the melanin- producing cells in the skin, also known as melanocytes, to increase the product of melanin and darken the skin tone.

It is used by people who want to achieve a scourged skin look without the threat of skin damage caused by inordinate sun exposure. It's easy to use, and all you have to do is mix it with the applicable result and fit it into your skin for fast and effective results.

This product is popular among bodybuilders, fitness suckers, and individualities who are looking to enhance their physical appearance or tone- confidence. It's also useful for people who have a fair complexion or are prone to sunburns, as it reduces the threat of developing skin cancer.

It is a high- quality product that's manufactured to the loftiest norms of safety and chastity. It's made from the finest quality constituents, icing that it's safe for use and doesn't beget any adverse side goods.

In conclusion, Melanotan II  is an excellent tanning agent that can help you achieve the perfect skin tone you ask . It's safe, effective, and easy touse.However, It is the perfect result for you, If you want to get a tan without exposing your skin to dangerous UV shafts.


Basic Information

Product Name: Melanotan II; MTIl; Melanotan 2

Sequence : product-363-58

CAS: 121062-08-6




MDL No.:MFCD01318793

Structural formula:


Origin: China

Application: Peptide

Delivery Time: in stock


Technical Specification

Product Name

Melanotan II



Molecular Formula


Molecular Weight






White or almost white fluffy powder



Soluble in water


Water Content (Karl Fischer)

≤ 8.0%


Acetic Acid (By HPLC)

≤ 15.0%


Peptide Purity (By HPLC)

≥ 98.0%



Related Substance


Total Impurities(%) ≤ 2.0%

0. 14%

Largest Single Impurity(%) ≤ 1.0%



95.0 ~105.0%



This batch of product conforms with enterprise standard and qualified.

Package: 1g;100g;1000g or according to your demands

Storage: In an airtight container,protected from light,at a temperature of 2℃ to 8℃

Shelf Life 24 months



Melanotan-II powder is a laboratory manufactured chemical substance that's analogous to hormones in the mortal body. Melanotan II has been proven to have melanogenesis( tanning) and aphrodisiac goods on humans.


Biological Activity

Melanotan  II(MTII) is a synthetic melanocortin receptor agonist. It's an injectable peptide hormone that can promote tanning.


In vitro exploration

In vitro exploration involving Melanotan 2 generally focuses on understanding its medium of action, receptor list affinity, and cellular responses. Some areas of study include

Receptor List Studies Experimenters probe how MTII interacts with melanocortin receptors( MC1R, MC3R, MC4R, MC5R) and other receptors to induce its goods.

Cellular Signaling Pathways Studies explore the intracellular signaling pathways actuated by MTII, similar as cAMP product, MAPK/ ERK signaling, and calcium signaling.

Melanogenesis MTII's capability to stimulate melanin product in melanocytes is of particular interest in vitro. Experimenters study its goods on melanin conflation enzymes similar as tyrosinase, tyrosinase- related protein 1( TRP- 1), and tyrosinase- related protein 2( TRP- 2).

Cytotoxicity and Cell Viability assessing the safety profile of MTII involves assessing its cytotoxic goods on different cell types and its impact on cell viability.

Anti-inflammatory parcels Some exploration suggests that it may retainanti-inflammatory parcels, which could be explored further in vitro.

Sexual Function In vitro studies may probe the goods of MTII on neuronal circuits and neurotransmitter release involved in sexual thrill.

Appetite Regulation exploration may examine its implicit to modulate neuropeptides involved in appetite regulation, similar as α- MSH, neuropeptide Y( NPY), and agouti- related protein( AgRP).

In vitro studies give precious perceptivity into the molecular mechanisms of MTII action and can guide farther exploration and development, including implicit remedial operations. still, it's essential to interpret these findings in the environment of in vivo studies and clinical trials to understand the full compass of its goods and safety profile.


In vivo exploration

In vivo exploration involving Melanotan II( MT- II) aims to understand its goods and implicit remedial operations in living organisms. Some areas of study in MTII in vivo exploration include

Skin Saturation One of the primary goods of Melanotan II is to stimulate skin saturation. In vivo studies probe the duration, intensity, and melanocyte activation patterns following Melanotan II administration.

Sexual Function peptide melanotan has been studied for its implicit to enhance sexual function and thrill. Beast models are used to assess the goods of MT- II on sexual geste, libido, and erectile function.

Appetite Regulation and Weight Loss MT II may have appetite- suppressing parcels. In vivo studies examine its goods on food input, malnutrition, weight loss, and metabolic parameters.

Inflammation and Immune Response its implicitanti-inflammatory goods are delved in beast models of seditious conditions. Experimenters explore its impact on cytokine product, vulnerable cell activation, and towel inflammation.

Cardiovascular Health Studies assess the cardiovascular goods of MT II, including blood pressure regulation, vascular function, and cardiac redoing.

Protection against UV- Induced Damage MT II has been explored for its eventuality to cover against UV- convinced skin damage, including sunburn, DNA damage, and skin cancer development. Beast models are used to estimate its photoprotective parcels.

Neuroprotection and Neurological diseases its impact on the central nervous system is studied, including its implicit neuroprotective goods and its part in neurological diseases similar as Parkinson's complaint and multiple sclerosis.

Safety and Side goods In vivo exploration investigates the safety profile of MT II, assessing implicit side goods, toxin, and long- term goods on colorful organs and systems.

In vivo studies give precious information on the physiological goods, lozenge optimization, and implicit remedial operations of MT II. It's important to note that while beast studies can give precious perceptivity, further clinical trials are necessary to confirm these findings and estimate the efficacity and safety of Melanotan II in humans.


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