Alpha Ketophenylalanine Calcium

Product name: Calcium phenylpyruvate
Package: 15kg/drum
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Shelf Life: Two years
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Product Introduction

What is Alpha-Ketophenylalanine Calcium?

Alpha Ketophenylalanine Calcium is an organic calcium emulsion. its molecular formula is C14H15CaNO3, its molecular weight is283.32 g/ spook. Its CAS number is 51828-93-4. It's a white solid that's fluently answerable in water and ethanol and has important pharmacological exertion.

Calcium phenylpyruvate has a wide range of medical operations. It can promote the body's immersion and application of proteins, helping to enhance the body's vulnerable system. In addition, It's extensively used to treat conditions similar as malnutrition, hepatitis, and liver cirrhosis. likewise, Calcium 2- oxo-3-phenylpropanoate also can be used for anti-aging, beauty and skin care purposes. The product and birth of α- Ketophenylalanine Calcium substantially calculate on chemical conflation and natural styles. The chemical conflation system has a mature product process and simple operation, but it pollutes the terrain to a certain extent and it's delicate to control the chastity of the product. Among them, the chemical conflation system has mature product process and simple operation, but it pollutes the terrain greatly and the chastity of the product is delicate to control; The natural law requires a large quantum of carbon and nitrogen sources to be consumed, which is expensive, but the product quality is fairly good and the product process is environmentally friendly.

The development of α- Ketophenylalanine Calcium has gone through several stages

original exploration stage In the early 1960s, scientists began to study Calcium phenylpyruvate and explore its operation in the nutrition and health field.

Clinical trial stage From the 1980s to the 1990s, It began to enter the clinical trial stage. Beforehand exploration substantially concentrated on the effect of Calcium 2-oxo-3-Phenylpropanoate as a protein enhancer and nutritive supplement.

operation creation stage At the morning of the 21st century, as the part of it in the medical and health fields gradationally came honored, its compass of operation gradationally expanded.

Process enhancement stage After 2000, with the nonstop development of biotechnology and chemical technology, the product process of it has been greatly bettered. Through optimizing sanctification and conflation processes, product costs have been reduced while product chastity has been bettered.

presently, in the medicinal and health product request, keto-Phenylalanine Calcium has come an important nutrient and health product component, playing a positive part in mortal health.

Basic Information

Product name

Alpha-Ketophenylalanine Calcium;α-Ketophenylalanine Calcium;Calcium phenylpyruvate

Chemical name

2-oxo-3-phenylpropanoic acid calcium
















Medicine grade or food grade.


As per your request


Room temp.

Structural formula



Alpha Ketophenylalanine Calcium is relatively stable at room temperature. However, it may undergo decomposition and oxidation when stored for a long time in high temperatures, direct sunlight, humidity, and air. It can also react with other drugs or substances, producing unstable compounds. Therefore, when using and storing Calcium phenylpyruvate, it is important to avoid high temperatures, humidity, and exposure to direct sunlight, while keeping it isolated from other drugs or substances to maintain stability.


α-Ketophenylalanine Calcium storage conditions should be low temperature, dry, and protected from light. When storing and using it, it should be placed in a sealed container to avoid exposure to light and humid environments to ensure its quality and stability. It is recommended to store it below room temperature, preferably at 2-8°C. If stored it for a long time, it should be frozen. It is important to isolate it from other drugs or substances to prevent unnecessary reactions. In order to avoid it being contaminated, the container's opened and closed times should be reduced as much as possible. With appropriate temperature and storage conditions, its shelf life can be prolonged and its stability maintained.

In summary, it is necessary to avoid moisture, light, and high temperatures, use appropriate storage containers, and keep it at room temperature while ensuring a proper seal.

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