Ashwagandha Extract Powder

Latin Name: Withania somnifera
Part of the Plant Used: Root
Appearance: Brown yellow powder
Standard: Withanolides 5%,2.5%,1.5%,10%
Brand: YIHUI
Packing: 1kg;25kg
Supply Ability: 3000kg per month
Shelf Life: Two years
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Product Introduction

What is Ashwagandha Extract Powder?

Embark on a journey to holistic well-being with Yihui's Ashwagandha Extract Powder, a potent herbal supplement meticulously crafted to enhance your health. Derived from the roots of the Withania somnifera plant, our Withanolides encapsulate the essence of nature's therapeutic wonders.

Ashwagandha Extract Withanolides is a characteristic natural enhancement obtained from the foundations of the Ashwagandha plant (Withania somnifera). It has been utilized in customary Ayurvedic medication for a really long time to advance generally speaking well-being and prosperity. Present-day logical examination has affirmed a significant number of the conventional purposes of Ashwagandha, exhibiting its capability to help an assortment of medical issues.

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Product Name:plant extract supplements ashwagandha root extract powder 10% ksm-66 ashwagandha

Latin Name:Withania somnifera

Appearance:brown powder

Specification:1% 1.5% 2.5% 3%

Specification Withanolides 2.5% :

Examination Items      

Examination Standards  




Yellow-brown powder



Particle   size

Loss   on drying


Heavy   metals





Solvent   residue

95%   through 80 mesh

5.0%   max

5.0%   max

10.0ppm   max

2ppm   max

2ppm   max

1ppm   max

1ppm   max

USP   standard










USP   Particle Size



USP<231>method   III






Phytochemical analysis




Gravity Method

Microbiological analysis

Total bacterial count

Molds & yeast count

Staphylococcus aureus


E. Coli

10000cfu/g   max

1000cfu/g   max






Not   Detected

Not   Detected

Not   Detected


Packing:   25kg/drum.

Storage: Store in a well-closed container at room temperature, protect from light, moisture and   pest infestation

Shelf life: 3 years. Non-GMO

Testing result: It is tested according to Enterprise Standard,the result conforms to the Regulation.

Chemical Composition:

CompoundPercentage Composition
Withanolides5.0% - 10.0%
Alkaloids0.2% - 0.5%
Saponins2.0% - 4.0%
Flavonoids0.5% - 1.5%

Packing & Shipping

5 yihui shipping.webpPacking:

1kg/foil bag;5kg/carton;25kg/fiber drum; or packing as your request.


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By Courier; By Air or By Sea, according to your demands

Effects and Functions:

Unlock a plethora of health benefits as you incorporate Ashwagandha Extract Powder into your daily routine. This herbal marvel is renowned for:

  1. Stress Reduction: Alleviate stress and anxiety, promoting a calm and composed mental state.

  2. Adaptogenic Properties: Boost resilience to environmental stressors, enhancing overall well-being.

  3. Anti-Inflammatory: Combat inflammation, supporting joint and muscle health.

  4. Enhanced Cognitive Function: Improve memory, concentration, and cognitive abilities.

  5. Immune System Support: Strengthen the immune system for robust health.

By and large, Ashwagandha Root Extract powder displays a different scope of impacts and works that help different parts of wellbeing, including pressure decrease, worked on mental capability, helped insusceptibility, improved energy levels, and backing for people's wellbeing.

Synthesis Process:

It is crafted through a meticulous synthesis process that ensures the preservation of its therapeutic properties. The process involves:

  1. Harvesting and Drying: Ashwagandha roots are harvested at maturity, typically after one year of growth.The roots are thoroughly cleaned and washed to remove any impurities.

  2. Extraction: Dried Ashwagandha roots are ground into a fine powder to build the surface region for extraction. The powdered roots are exposed to different extraction techniques.

  3. Capture of water: The active ingredients in ashwagandha are extracted by heating the roots in water.

  4. Focus and Refinement: The separated arrangement is concentrated utilizing dissipation or different techniques to eliminate the overabundance of dissolvable and get a concentrated concentrate. The concentrated concentrate might go through additional refinement moves toward eliminating contaminations, like filtration or chromatography.

  5. Standardization: The Ashwagandha extract is standardized to ensure consistent quality and potency. Standardization involves analyzing the extract for its active compounds, such as withanolides, and adjusting the concentration to meet specific standards.

  6. Drying and Powdering: The standardized extract is dried using methods such as spray drying or freeze drying to obtain a fine powder. This powder is further processed to achieve the desired particle size and consistency.

  7. Quality ControlThroughout the synthesis process, rigorous quality control measures are implemented to ensure the safety and efficacy of the Ashwagandha Root Extract powder. This includes testing for heavy metals, pesticides, and microbial contamination.

Quality Standards:

Yihui maintains an unwavering commitment to quality, adhering to international standards. Our Ashwagandha Extract Powder undergoes rigorous testing, ensuring:

  1. Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP): Ashwagandha Extract Withanolides manufacturers must adhere to GMP guidelines, which guarantee that the item is created in a controlled and normalized climate. GMP consistency includes following severe conventions for cleanliness, disinfection, documentation, and quality control.

  2. Personality and Virtue: Personality testing affirms that the concentrate is gotten from legitimate Ashwagandha roots (Withania somnifera). Purity testing guarantees that the concentrate is liberated from pollutants, like weighty metals, pesticides, and microbial contaminations.

  3. Standardization: It is normalized to guarantee reliable degrees of dynamic mixtures, regularly withanolides. Normalization strategies include breaking down the concentrate utilizing procedures like elite execution fluid chromatography (HPLC) or spectrophotometry.

  4. Safety and Hazard: Quality guidelines assess the well-being and poisonousness of it. Security testing might incorporate intense and constant poisonousness review, genotoxicity measures, and conceptive and formative harmfulness review.

  5. Stability and Longevity: Its stability and shelf life are evaluated by quality standards. Studies on the extract's shelf life determine how long it keeps its potency and quality under certain storage conditions.

  6. Packaging and labeling: Quality norms additionally manage the marking and bundling of Ashwagandha remove powder. Naming prerequisites incorporate precise data about the item's character, power, measurements guidelines, and any expected contraindications or associations. Bundling principles guarantee that the concentrate is put away and moved in a way that keeps up with its quality and forestalls defilement.

It is guaranteed to meet the highest standards of safety, efficacy, and consistency if these quality standards are adhered to. As a result, consumers receive a dependable and beneficial herbal supplement.

Application Fields in Various Industries:

Explore the versatility of Ashwagandha Extract Powder across diverse industries:

  1. Pharmaceuticals: Formulate stress-relief supplements and adaptogenic medicines.

  2. Nutraceuticals: Enhance the nutritional content of health supplements.

  3. Cosmetics: Infuse skincare products with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

  4. Food and Beverages: Create wellness-enhancing functional foods and beverages.

OEM Services:

Yihui extends its expertise through OEM services, tailoring Withanolides formulations to meet specific requirements. Collaborate with us to bring your vision to life.

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