Pro Xylane

CAS: 439685-79-7
Appearance: Powder or Liquid
standard: 30%;100%(customized)
Grade: Cosmetic Grade
Supply Ability: 5000kg per month
Shelf Life: Two years
Application: Comestics Ingredient Anti-Aging Whitening Anti-Wrinkle
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Sample: available
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Product Introduction

What is Pro Xylane?

Pro-Xylane is derived from xylose, a natural sugar found in plant tissues. It is claimed to have numerous benefits for the skin, counting progressing skin hydration, advancing collagen amalgamation, and diminishing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Basic Information

Product Name: Pro-xylane; Hydroxypropyl Tetrahydropyrantriol

CAS: 439685-79-7




MDL No.:MFCD32067869

Purity: 98%,50%,30%

Package: 1KG;10kg;25kg;100kg

Used:Cosmetic Ingredient & Lab research

Stability: Stable

Structural formula:


Specifications and Parameters

30% Specifications:

AppearanceColorless to yellowish liquid
OdorOdorless to light characteristics
Hydroxypropyl Tetrahydropyrantriol content28.5-32.5%
Aerobic plate≤100 CFU/g
Yeast&Molds≤10 CFU/g
Escherichia coliNegative

98% Specifications:


Colorless To Faint Yellow Paste

Typical use level :


PH(1%Water Solution)






Heavy Metal







Role and Function Description

Pro Xylane has gained recognition in the industrial sector due to its wide range of applications. Its ability to form strong gels and films makes it suitable for use in adhesives, coatings, and packaging materials. The film-forming properties of the product contribute to improved durability and moisture resistance, making it an excellent choice for protecting sensitive electronic devices.

In the food industry, the product is used as a stabilizer and thickening agent. Its unique molecular structure allows it to create stable emulsions and enhance the texture of various food products. Moreover, the product's natural origins make it an appealing alternative to synthetic additives, aligning with the growing demand for clean label ingredients.

The environmental benefits of the product further contribute to its popularity. As a renewable and biodegradable compound derived from plant sources, the product offers a sustainable solution for various industries. Its generation requires less vitality compared to conventional petroleum-based options, decreasing carbon outflows and advancing eco-friendly practices.

Research and development efforts are continuously expanding the potential applications of the product. Scientists are exploring its role in drug delivery systems, where its unique structure can help improve the stability and effectiveness of medications. Also, the product shows guarantee within the field of tissue building, where it can be utilized to create frameworks for regenerative pharmaceutical.


Synthesis Process

The product is synthesized through a meticulous process at Yihui Pharmaceuticals. High-quality xylan, sourced from natural plant materials, undergoes enzymatic hydrolysis to break down complex structures into the desired components. The extracted xylans are then subjected to a purification process, ensuring the highest level of purity.

Quality Standards

At Yihui Pharmaceuticals, quality is our utmost priority. The product is manufactured in strict adherence to international standards. Our production facilities are ISO-certified, and our commitment to excellence is underscored by additional certifications such as Kosher, Halal, and GMP. These certifications attest to the purity, safety, and reliability of the product, meeting the stringent requirements of global regulatory bodies.

Application Fields in Various Industries

CAS 439685-79-7 is a highly versatile compound that has found applications across various industries. Its unique properties have made it a popular ingredient in skincare products, where it serves as a potent anti-aging agent. By stimulating collagen production and improving skin elasticity, Pro-xylane helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, resulting in a more youthful, radiant complexion.

But the product's benefits don't stop there. In the pharmaceutical industry, it has been shown to have potential in the development of innovative medications. Its ability to enhance cell growth and repair, coupled with its anti-inflammatory properties, make it an exciting prospect for future treatments.

Beyond cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, Pro-xylene has also found a home in the food industry. As a food additive, it acts as a stabilizer and thickener, making it a valuable ingredient in a wide range of products. From sauces and dressings to baked goods and dairy products, the product helps to improve texture and consistency, ensuring that food looks and tastes its best.

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