Actinomycin D

Product name: Actinomycin D
CAS No.: 50-76-0
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Assay: 99%
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Product Introduction

What is Actinomycin D?

Actinomycin D, also known as Dactinomycin or Actinomycin, is one of the most important peptide antibiotics in the actinomycin class insulated from Streptomyces bacteria set up insoil.It's a largely hygroscopic brilliant red crystalline powder that gradationally loses exertion when exposed to light. It was one of the first chemotherapeutic agents, and it has been in use for a veritably long period. It was the first antibiotic with anticancer goods to be discovered by humans. SelmanA. Waksman and his colleagueH.B. Woodruff first discovered it in 1940. Dactinomycin was put on the request by Merck under the brand name Cosmegen after being given the go- ahead by the American FDA on December 10, 1964. it has been shown in cellular biology studies to suppress recap. It has the capacity to bind to DNA at the recap inauguration complex, forming a complex with DNA and gumming the RNA polymerase's capability to synthesize RNA. It has the capacity to bind to double- stranded DNA, which allows it to suppress RNA product in addition to having an impact on DNA replication. still, scientists generally use certain DNA replication impediments, similar as hydroxyurea, that are more suited for laboratory use. In exploration involving inflow cytometry and the bitsy study of cells, Actinomycin D powder and its fluorescent outgrowth, 7- aminoactinomycin D( 7- AAD), are employed as stains.

They are ideally suited for DNA labeling because of their affinity for GC-rich DNA segments. Since 7-AAD can attach to single-stranded DNA, it is also beneficial for watching cell apoptosis and telling alive cells apart from dead ones.

Basic Information

Product name: Actinomycin D

Other name: Actinomycin D, Actinomycin IV, Actinomycin C1, Dactinomycin;Actactinomycin A IV;actinomycin7;actinomycinaiv





Melting point: 251-253 ℃

Solubility:ethanol, DMSO: Stable in aqueous solutions at 2-8 ℃ soluble

storage temp. 2-8℃

Stability: Stable

Structural formula:


Quality standard





Bright-red or orange-red crystal or powder, almost odorless; no visible evidence of contamination by foreign matter



The maximum absorptive wave is 241nm and 442 nm. The ratio of absorbance at 241nm and 442 nm is 1.3~1.5

UV result conforms to the standard





Loss on drying

NMT 5.0%


Specific rotation



Residual solvents

Acetone NMT 5000ppm

Ethanol NMT 5000ppm

Ethanol acetate NMT 5000ppm

THF NMT 720ppm

Toluene NMT 890ppm






Related substances

RRT 1.18~1.20

RRT 1.26~1.27

Total impurities NMT 4.0%




Endotoxin level



Assay (on drying basis)



Storage: store in a dry place.

Conclusion: the product meets with the standard of USP.


Actinomycin D  has multiple effects:

  1. Anticancer effect:The first antibiotic with anticancer characteristics to be discovered by humans is actinomycin D. It binds to DNA and prevents RNA polymerase from generating RNA, precluding excrescence cells from proliferating and expanding.

  2. Anti-inflammatory effect:it has ananti-inflammatory impact by inhibiting seditious responses and vulnerable system exertion. This lowers the release of seditious intercessors and lessens inflammation- related symptoms and towel damage.

  3. Immunosuppressive effect: it has an immunosuppressive impact by reducing the proliferation and functionality of vulnerable cells and inhibiting the vulnerable system's capability to produce antibodies. In immunosuppressive remedy following organ transplantation, it's employed.

  4. Antiviral effect: it contains antiviral properties that make it effective against specific viruses. It can stop the spread and multiplication of viruses.

  5. Antibacterial effect:it has an antibacterial action that works against some microorganisms. It has the capability to stop bacterial growth and reduplication.

It's pivotal to flash back that It is a important drug and should only be used under a croaker 's supervision and with caution. To guarantee safety and efficacity, the lozenge and mode of administration should be chosen depending on the unique conditions.


The applications of Dactinomycin include:

  1. Anticancer therapy:The first- line chemotherapy drug actinomycin D is constantly used in clinical settings to treat a variety of nasty cancers, including pediatric solid excrescences, Wilms excrescence, rhabdomyosarcoma, and hepatocellular melanoma.

  2. Immunosuppressive therapy:it is used in immunosuppressive remedy following organ transplantation because it has the capability to inhibit the vulnerable system. It increases the success rate of transplantation and aids in lowering the rejection response to bestowed organs.

  3. Inflammatory diseases: it anti-inflammatory rates make it suitable for the treatment of some seditious conditions, including rheumatoid arthritis and seditious bowel complaint.

It's crucial to be aware that It can cause adverse effects such liver dysfunction, gastrointestinal problems, and bone marrow suppression. Therefore, prior to prescribing Actinomycin-d, medical professionals assess the patient's symptoms and create specialized treatment regimens depending on their unique condition. It is crucial to utilize Actinomycin D under a doctor's supervision and to heed their recommendations and safety measures.

Stability and storage

The stability and storage conditions of it are as follows:

  1. Storage temperature: To maintain its stability, it should be kept at freezing temperatures (-20 degrees Celsius). It can be regarded as being kept at even lower temperatures for long-term storage, such -80 degrees Celsius.

  2. Light protection: it should be stored in conditions that shield it from light and stay out of direct sunlight due to its sensitivity to light. To lessen the impact of light on the medication, opaque or dark containers can be utilized for storage.

  3. Dry environment: To keep moisture from affecting the medication, it should be stored in a dry environment. To make sure the drug is dry, sealed containers or packaging materials can be used.

  4. Avoid freeze-thaw cycles: it may become less stable with repeated freeze-thaw cycles, so it is best to avoid doing so too often before using.

Please take note that Actinomycin d dmso should be stored in the aforementioned conditions to maintain its stability and effectiveness. Examine the drug's look and the expiration date before to usage.

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